What are the MyABCM solutions and for who are they indicated? Learn about it!

MyABCM has over 25 years of experience in the cost management software market, 12 distributors around the world, customers in more than 50 countries, and MyABCM solutions in 10 languages.

Our products were created to meet the specific needs of each customer with a light and easy-to-use tool. It is the ideal solution that will help reduce, control and measure your company’s costs, in addition to optimizing your profitability. Read on and learn about our products!

MyABCM Express

Express is one of the MyABCM solutions aimed at cost control and profitability demands. Light, fast, practical and easy to install, it is suitable for companies looking for simpler implementations that can be divided by sector or for a very specific need.

The hassle-free interface allows the construction of graphical views and comparisons of costs, revenues, results, contributions, developments – all in a graphic and simple way.

The software offers the possibility of customization, which allows the customer to easily build a cost and profitability model by importing tables from some other system, or even using a simple Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V command in Excel.

MyABCM Enterprise

Enterprise is also a cost control and profitability software that is easily installed and can be customized by the user. However, it is indicated for companies that need medium complexity implementations, with a larger data volume and features such as multi-user modeling.

This is one of the MyABCM solutions that enable the analysis of traceability and auditing in the cost and profitability model. Starting from a final product or service, it is possible to arrive at the representation of the various accounts or accounting entries involved, in an interactive and visual way, regardless of the complexity of the model developed.

MyABCM Corporate

Aimed at companies that need large implementations or high complexity modeling, Corporate is a sophisticated and fast software, which provides dynamism and versatility in the cost and profitability analysis of your organization.

This tool has unique features to deal with models with large data volume, high complexity, multi-languages, multi-geographic modeling and 100% web-based architecture. It allows the user to share the company’s cost and profitability model with branches and offices in other countries, using different languages. In addition, like all MyABCM solutions, it is versatile and user friendly.

MyABCM Partner’s License

MyABCM Partner’s License is a diagnosis and prototyping software exclusively developed for consulting firms or independent consultants who want to offer a practical and versatile solution to their customers. It is a light, easy-to-install tool that can be used for diagnosis and pilot projects.

With it, it is possible to combine any number of elements, creating a multidimensional structure that can be reused throughout the entire model. Whether it is a combination of ledger accounts per cost center, a view of results per product, customer, channel, market and others, you can easily build graphical and comparative views of costs, revenues, results, contributions, developments – all in a graphic and simple way.

Whatever your demand is, the MyABCM solutions have been developed to intelligently integrate your company’s information. All this with an easy and intuitive interface, and all the support for implementation and training.

Do you have questions about which system will best suit your needs? Contact us. Our team will help you.