Running a business is not a simple task. It is necessary to know and manage a lot of information from various sectors (more…)

Some sectors of the economy, especially those related to health care, such as hospitals, need to operate full time in order to meet the needs of the population. (more…)

Predicting the future is an impossible strategy. However, you are able to carry out a plan for each particularity that may affect a business. (more…)

Optimizing your company’s financial management is the right move to make in order to compete in your sector. (more…)

As one of the major electric power concessionaires in Brazil, managing the largest distribution network in Latin America, CEMIG operates in power generation, transmission, distribution and supply. (more…)

With 30 branches in the state of São Paulo, Sicoob’s Cocred Credit Union is a reference in management, governance and quality in customer service, certified with ISO 9001. (more…)

The volume of information and data that a company generates daily is enormous. This led the technology market to develop systems capable of centralizing information from different departments and integrating them (more…)

The technological advance of the last decade has transformed the market, which started to behave in a much more dynamic way. (more…)

Key Performance Indicators, or financial KPIs, are indicators that reveal a company’s financial results in the evaluated period. (more…)

The word “indicators” is present in the life of the entrepreneur. It may be related to market indicators, economic indicators and, to the surprise of many entrepreneurs, internal business data. (more…)