The use of technology for business development is becoming more and more a necessity. (more…)

Optimizing your company’s financial management is the right move to make in order to compete in your sector. (more…)

The sustainable growth of any business is inextricably linked to good management practices that are able to provide managers with all relevant information of the business (more…)

MyABCM has over 25 years of experience in the cost management software market, 12 distributors around the world, customers in more than 50 countries, and MyABCM solutions in 10 languages. (more…)

Good process management allows the company’s activities to be more agile, and it is responsible for establishing an efficient communication between the entire team and avoiding losses resulting from failures, errors and bottlenecks. (more…)

It is not surprising that the job of running a small or medium business involves great management skills in the various departments of the company, such as in inventory, personnel, customer service, and finance management. (more…)

Good results do not happen overnight. It takes hard work and, more importantly, seriousness to do the financial management of a business – of any size. (more…)

If we asked any administrator what power they would like to have if they were a superhero, they would certainly answer the power to predict the future. (more…)

Imagine this situation: The sales team celebrates good results, but the company still does not have a satisfactory profit margin. (more…)

If you could ask for advice on strategic cost management to a professional, who would they be? What would they work on? For a moment imagine what that person would be like. (more…)