Agile method: understand what it is and how to apply it in your company

In order for company to always deliver the best product or service, it is critical that its managers keep internal processes well organized. This mission is much simpler when using management software. However, it is important to know other techniques that may be useful, such as the agile method.

There are several methodologies that can be used to improve a company’s processes. But before explaining them, it is necessary to understand what agile method means. With that in mind, we made this post. In it, understand what this concept is and how it can be applied in your business!

What is the agile method?

This term emerged in the United States in 2001 as an initiative by 17 developers to organize software creation processes into four principles:

  • individuals and interactions above processes and tools;
  • a working software above comprehensive documentation;
  • collaboration with the consumer/customer above contract negotiation;
  • responding to transformations/changes rather than following a plan.

In a nutshell, we can understand that the agile method prioritizes the outcome, far more than the theories that underlie the process. It can be used to help, for example, those companies that could gain efficiency by modernizing their activities, but avoid changes for fear that something will go wrong.

How to apply it in your company?

The first step is to modernize data management by using management software. That way, the company has access to more reliable information, capable of generating accurate reports for decision-making.

Then, it is necessary to choose a methodology among the many that exist. Let’s learn about some of those.

Scrum Method

It is a methodology widely used in the software market. In this system, task visibility is prioritized so that all team members can understand what is being done. In addition, it is possible to organize activities according to what needs to be done, what is being done, and what has already been completed.

This method has a very curious step, called “time box”. In it, a period is set for the team to do something that has value for the customer. It is about thinking directly about the needs of the end consumer.

Kanban Method

Best known among managers, the Kanban methodology can also be used in the agile method. In it, for one step to advance, another must have been completed. This technique has revolutionized automobile factories, and is currently being applied even by individuals.

The continuous evolution of activities, monitored and informed to team members, is what sets the time to do things. For example, the sales team does not contact the customer until the marketing team delivers the leads.

As we have seen, the agile method can focus on both internal problem solving and the need for innovation. In both cases, it is important that the company has control over its data, as these will guide it in the choice of the right methods.

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